‚Äč                  Kate Pinsonneault         

                                 Kate holds a MA in Counselling Psychology.  She has also completed EMDR Basic Training.  Kate has been providing support services and counselling to children, teens, adults, couples and families for 40 years, helping thousands of people overcome challenges and reach their potential.  

Kate integrates attachment theory and mindfulness practices with cutting edge research in the field of neurobiology and applies it to her practice with compassion and cultural sensitivity.  Her approach is warm, accepting, and positive..  Kate offers a variety of approaches to suit your needs including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an effective treatment for many types of psychological distress including trauma, PTSD, and anxiety.   She also offers sand tray therapy, Internal Family Systems (parts work), art therapy, bio-feedback, narrative therapy and somatic approaches that focus on how our bodies respond to situations.    

Kate offers counselling to children and family members.  With many years of experience working with children with special needs and a post-graduate certificate in Infant Mental Health, she understands the social and emotional challenges facing children today.

Kate is contracted through Crime Victim Assistant Program, First Nations Health Authority, Homewood Health, Autism Funding Unit of MCFD, Self Design, ICBC, Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services, Brown Crawshaw, and Wamsley.   If you are involved with these organizations, payment for services may be covered in full. 

Behavioural patterns within relationships, the neurobiology of attachment, Autism, trauma, loss, parenting challenges, ADHD, and addictions form the foundation of Kate's current practice, writing, and workshop presentations. 

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Our professional counsellors are respectful, compassionate, skilled therapists dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.  All information you share is kept strictly confidential under the limits of the law.  We follow the ethical standards set out by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.